Monday, December 31, 2007

Where'd Liam Get His Smile...

Liam got Great Pop Ken's smile!

Back in Spokane

We have been traveling for 3 and 1/2 weeks and now are back in California. Here are some pictures from when we were in Spokane from Dec 29-31. We got to stay with the Chuns and had a wonderful time! We went back to Spokane so Andy could preach at Faith Bible. He did a great job, but I guess I'm biased! We were able to see some dear friends during our brief stay.

Liam and I with Marci and Maya on Sunday at Faith Bible Church. Marci and Alan just started a blog (see link to the right), so go check it out to see pictures of Maya!

We had lunch with some friends from college over at Nick and Julie May's. We had some delicious chili-thanks Julie! It was great to catch up with the Finneys, Greenups, Mays, and Chuns over a meal. Check out that face on Chunny!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Celebrations

Here's just a few of the pictures of our time with family. We had a wonderful time over the holidays and hope that you did too!

Looking at the Christmas Tree with Great Aunt Kathy (or he was looking at it before I snapped the picture :)

Flying with Uncle Ben

Great Grandma and Grandpa Brown

Great Aunt Kathy and Uncle Bob

Enjoying Company after Christmas Dinner

The Standard Post-Christmas Dinner Nap

Liam with Grandpa

Two Good Lookin' Men

Nawnie and Liam

Mom with Liam and his cute cousin, Sawyer

Great Uncle Steve and Aunt Kathy

Nawnie and Pops with Liam

Arianna's cousin, Katie, with Liam

The Three Tobin Brothers, Ben, Sean, and Andrew

Sunday, December 23, 2007

More Photos with Family

Pops and Nawnie with Liam

Uncle Brian with Liam

Ron Taylor, a friend from church, with Liam

Great Grandma and Grandpa Brown

Nawnie, Great Aunt Kathy, and Liam

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Time with the Moffats

We were able to spend an evening with the Moffats and had a great time! It had been several years since we have seen each other and it was a lot of fun reconnecting in person.

Mamas and Sleepy Kids

We thought this was a cute pic of Sam and Maggie although it doesn't show how friendly they actually are.

In Portland

We had a graduation party for Andy the other day. Unfortunately, he got sick with the stomach flu in the middle of the party. This is one of the graduation/ordination gifts he received. Andy has loved this photo of a shepherd and lamb for many years as it brings to mind the loving care God has for us, as well as being a good visual reminder of what it means to be a pastor or shepherd. Aunt Kathy did a beautiful job framing the picture!

Crazy hair!

Sweet Sleeper

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Visiting Portland

Liam with Grandma

Liam meets Great Aunt Teri (too bad we didn't get her face!)

2 months and 10 days... that's how long it took to graduate to the "mommy bob"
I think I would have gotten it cut soon anyway since I am always changing my hair cut.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Spokane Trip for Ordination

Liam's First Airplane Ride

Liam's First Snow! (you can see it falling if you look close :)

We got to stay with the Sanchez family and had such a great time with them! Kailyn, Cade, and Claire did a wonderful job of entertaining Liam!

Claire and Liam

After dinner at the Jarms' House. Dan was on Andy's ordination council. Dan had discipled Andy for a few years when he was in college.

We got to introduce Liam to Charlie and Chris Kopp. Chris had discipled me (Arianna) for many years.

Chris babysat Liam for us while Andy did ordination. Chris made Liam such a happy little baby that we decided to call her the Baby Whisperer.

We got to have dinner at the Hamilton's. It was a great time of fellowship over delicious food. Dick and Betty Lou had totally remodeled the condo that they had bought and it was evidence of beautiful workmanship.

Ken and Becky Johnson, Chris and Lisa Chun, Us, the Gilchrist's, Dick and Betty Lou Hamilton

Todd Dykstra is now in the picture. Todd was gracious enough to fly out to be on Andy's ordination council. Andy had the privilege of working under Todd when he was our college pastor.

Our good friends Chris and Lisa Chun are having a little girl in April!

Liam and Ezra Greenup meet! In all honesty, they were more interested in getting their naps than getting to know each other. But, we had a wonderful time with Dustin and Heidi over lunch while the kids slept.

Here's where a picture of Dan Jarms, Todd Dykstra, and John Smith should have been. It isn't here because I was so excited that Andy passed ordination that I forgot to get a picture of Andy with the council. These three men were some of the most impactful men in Andy's life and we are so thankful for their investment in our lives.

Cute Winter Family Picture

Friday, December 7, 2007

Liam's Stats

Liam had his 2 month old well baby check up today. He is 24 inches tall, 12 lb 6 oz, and has a 40.25 cm head. This puts him 60-85 percentile in all the areas.

We call this Liam's drunk on milk face.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

And Next Week is Finals Week

Here's the Santa Clarita Seminarians, Jerod, Roland, Andy, and Michael. Both Andy and Roland are done with their degrees this next week! Yay! If you'd like to see a better picture of Jerod, you might want to go to Roland and LaNae's new blog (plug, plug). There is a link to their page under our Blog section to the right.

Liam and I after a going on a walk on a warm December day.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

It's December!

Yes, it is December. The thing you can't tell in this picture is that Liam is celebrating this fact with his reindeer and sled shirt. Oh, and his overall shorts. After all, it is a California December.