Monday, June 30, 2008

I Love Me Some Pears

Liam loves to eat pears right off the core since that's how he sees Andy and I do it.

Oh, the joy of solid food and a baby that really, really, really wants to feed himself.

How many ways may I eat thee, oh pear?
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Little Troublemaker

Liam promptly got into a fresh load of folded laundry, but who can blame him? I should know better than to present such a temptation to a little explorer.
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Pool Party

The leadership and staff at church had a pool party for some fellowship-we had a great time getting to know some people better (and a fun time in the pool)!

Liam and Emma, Lauren, and Alyssa

Go Lauren!

Andy and Liam

Chatting on the Deck
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Friday, June 20, 2008

Cheerios and Teething

Liam has gotten four teeth since we moved into our home on June 1st. Needless to say, at times I have wished the whole teething process would've happened at a different time, because, who really wants to unpack boxes with an extra special fussy baby screaming for attention?! But then, there have been mornings like today when Liam slept in till 10:45 that made it seem all worth while. It is a precious morning when moms get to sleep in, even if it is due to their babies being in so much teething discomfort they just want to sleep it off. :) You can see in a few of the pictures the two teeth (just appeared today) that are starting to poke out on either side of the upper two. The upper two appeared a few days after we moved in.

Liam is also loving his Cheerios, and any other finger food he can get his hands on. He is doing better with actually getting the Cheerios in his mouth and keeping them there, although that can't be said for all the other finger foods.




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At the Park with Church Friends


No, this picture wasn't taken right after Easter, we just still use the bib regardless of the season!

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Liam Watching the Kids at Youth Group


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Monday, June 16, 2008

Liam Pulling Himself Up

Liam is loving practicing his new standing skills. He'll try to pull himself up on and cruise around a bit. It is fun to see him grow!