Monday, January 19, 2009


Mama and Asher

Marcus' Car

Thank you Uncle Brian for Marcus' car! Liam loves it!

Tummy Time

Nap Time

A glimpse into our morning...

Liam rubs his eyes and yawns.

"Liam, are you tired? It's time to nap."

Liam runs over to the stairs and tries to unlock the baby gate. I unlock the baby gate and Liam and I go up the stairs. Liam runs to his crib and I put him in. He grabs Dino and starts to suck his thumb happily as I cover him with his blankets.

How nice that he is learning to love his naps!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Immediately After Breakfast...


I'm pretty sure I've had a nightmare about this exact moment. I'd started letting Liam use a fork to try and feed himself. Here is his first extended go at trying to feed himself with a spoon. He got about half his breakfast in his mouth, a quarter on himself, and I fed him a quarter. Mess before success, right? Right?!


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Catching Up

Sorry for the long absence... or long absence from posting for me. We had a full past couple weeks. Karen and Sean came into town, which was such a pleasure! Andy preached at church. We've had a ton of snow. But I'm getting caught up again with the posts. There are about 10 new posts for your viewing pleasure! Also, a big thanks to Sean for letting me use some of the pictures that he took while here!

New Years Part 1

We all went to Chuck and Mary's for a New Year's Eve Party. During the evening we played a fun game that was a mix of catch phrase and charades. Here are some very candid pictures of us looking stupid but having oh-so-much fun!

John acting out a song, I think

Yep, you guessed it-I was a monkey

Andy had to act out a song about love, I'm not sure if this captured the feeling perfectly

Karen being the Eiffel Tower, I think

New Years Part 2

Mary trying to act out her song...

It's La Bamba people! How didn't we get that?

Todd just would basically point and people would guess what he was-how?!

Carrie acting it out

The Lauren Eliz/sabeth's trying to guess while cracking up

Eating Like a Big Boy

Thanks Pops and Nawnie for the cute sweater!

Playing with Uncle Sean's I Pod Touch and Computer

Liam is definitely a Tobin techie-already loving computers and electronics like the rest of the Tobin men!

Thanks Uncle Sean!

Liam's little 11 year old Uncle Sean does so great taking care of him! While he was here, he helped out a bunch with the kids (especially since both Karen and I had hurt our backs). Liam loves him and wanted to play all the time. He'd run right past me to Sean with his arms up wanting to be held. Sean saw this tricycle when we were out one day and thought Liam needed it so he bought it for him on the spot. We were all surprised to find that Liam actually figured out how to pedal it rather quickly. Thanks Uncle Sean for your generosity!

Who Can Relate?

Liam is caught in the moment deciding between obeying and disobeying. Should I spit it out or shouldn't I? Any other parents out feeling compassion towards us as we try and train our boy to obey?!


He's smiling more now; we love it!

Dad and the Boys

Grandma and Uncle Sean