Sunday, September 30, 2007

Joyful (non-baby) News!

God's grace is certainly multifaceted. As we approach the end of seminary (December 14), not only do we anxiously await the birth of our firstborn son, but we also eagerly anticipate the opportunity to serve what will soon be our new church body. After months of prayer and conversation, Andy received the call this week to join the staff of Harvest Bible Chapel of Rockford. We are so incredibly thankful to the Lord for His orchestation of this exciting new opportunity. For you Spokanites, it won't take but a little browsing of the above link to figure out how we got connected to this precious group of saints.

Velkommen til Solvang

Since there was no sign of baby coming yesterday, we took a trip to Solvang, the Danish capital of the U.S. (so we're told). The journey was just over two hours from our place. Arianna was convinced that if baby started to come, we would have plenty of time to get back. We had a great time with Arianna's folks visiting the many shops, snackin' on some tasty fudge, and sippin' on a "Dan(ger)ish" americano (Andy).

Friday, September 28, 2007

Another Baby (that hasn't arrived) Update

A quick update on our progress, or lack thereof. I did get my membranes stripped on Monday and nothing much happened. Today, Jessica Hoch gave me a very enjoyable pedicure and manicure (I have heard pedicures might help). As well, we went to Studio City's Caioto's Pizza Cafe and got "The Salad," which is supposed to help induce labor. I guess it is pretty famous and they ship their salad dressing to desperate pregnant women all over the country. Nothing has happened for us yet though. Swimming and long walks haven't done the trick either. So continue to pray for patience for us as we wait. Thanks as well for so many of your encouraging phone calls and notes!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Baby Update

Well friends, here's the news. The baby's head is fully engaged! Here's the problem, our doctor is leaving for vacation on Saturday the 29th. We're due on the 26th. So the plan is to have an appointment on the 24th where our doctor will do our first internal exam. If the cervix is dilated, we can make the decision to have him "strip the membranes" to hurry along the process, most likely ensuring that the baby will be born before Saturday. If the cervix isn't dilated at all, we don't know what the plan is. Please pray for us to make a wise decision on the 24th!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

By Popular Demand . . .

Here is Momma Arianna about 15 days from blast off.