Saturday, March 28, 2009


We were able to go away with some friends this past week to a condo on a lake in Wisconsin. It was too cold to actually go in the lake, but we had a great time swimming at some water parks, playing at a playground, watching movies, playing games, and eating, eating, eating. See the next several posts for our vacation fun. Here's Liam eating an all natural popcorn he isn't allergic to. He loved it!

Our Little Adventurer

Liam is becoming increasingly adventurous. Besides discovering a love of going down big slides solo and jumping in a pool all by himself (read following posts), we found he is a pretty good climber. Here he is on a ladder and rock wall at the playground.

Water Park

One thing we've learned about the midwest culture is that indoor water parks are really popular. We went to 2 this last week. The boys loved it! Asher probably thought he was just taking an extended bath but Liam really enjoyed the slides and water toys.

Chula Vista's Kiddy Pool

This is the place where Liam decided to jump in and Andy had to save him. Not good.

Asher enjoying the water

Me and Liam

Liam Loves Slides

Fun Spraying Water

One of Liam's favorite things at the water park was this water gun where you could spray people down in the pool.

Luke and Andy Getting Lissy and Liam

Lis and Liam Getting Sprayed

Me and Liam

Lissy and Liam

Andy and Liam

Asher and Isaiah Playing

Growing Excitement over a Pepsi Cup and Ice

Babies Hanging Out

Betsey and Scott getting the three kids together for a photo op

Betsey, Scott, and Amanda taking care of the little guys


Asher resting in his carseat

Cheap Toy

Enjoying the Outdoors

Flying with Uncle John

Playing on the swings


On the Playground

Lauren and Liam having a leaf fight

Emma taking Liam down the slide

Olivia encouraging Liam to go on the slide-he does go by himself and loves it!

Liam trying, and failing, to guard Luke at basketball

Liam and Lis on the slide

Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Andrew!

Andy is 29 today! We celebrated by going to all play together at big indoor play structure. Andy and I took turns holding Asher and playing with Liam, but it soon became clear I should hold Asher because Liam wanted to play with his dad. Later on Andy and I are going out for Thai food and a movie. Should be fun! I'm so thankful God has given me such a humble, compassionate, and loving husband! Our boys adore him and I can't think of a better dad for my little men! WE LOVE YOU!

Can I Hold Your Hand?

Melanie is great with our little boys, and she is only 4! Liam definitely enjoyed spending time with her and reached out to try and hold her hand. Cuteness.

Attitudes of Asher

Happy (Late) St Patrick's Day

Thanks Mom and Dad for the cute outfit!

Funny Boy

New Tools

Our friends, the Jacobsons, saw Liam playing with our adult size rakes and snow shovel. They showed up at the door and gave Liam his own little set! He has been so excited about them and taking them to people's houses when he goes.

Inspecting the tools

I'm a scantily clad farmer

Monday, March 16, 2009