Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Big Boy Bed

Today, I broke down the crib and set up the toddler bed. I have to say, I thought the people who designed this toddler bed weren't too bright as I tried to squeeze my fingers into tiny holes to tighten some bolts. However, when Andy got home and I told him about it, he looked at the loosely put together bed, he promptly got a socket wrench and tightened the whole thing up. I guess I was the one that wasn't too bright. I was thinking that they should invent something to make tightening those bolts easier, I guess they already had.

Anyway, Liam was SO EXCITED! He wanted to eat lunch early and then promptly ran up to go take his nap at 11:30 (he'll usually go down between 12:30 and 1). He slept great, and then just got up and played for a half hour in his room by himself when he woke up. The blanket Grandma Rosalie made for him fits perfectly on it. He had a fun time "making his bed" too as he tried to straighten the blanket.

Brother Love

Playing Outside

It was above freezing the other day, so we went out to play and the boys loved it... that is until Asher put his hands in the snow and wasn't pleased with the sensation. Liam had fun on his skateboard and Asher enjoyed playing with some toys.

Valentine's Day Party

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Good News!

We spoke with Asher's doctor today about his test and they were very encouraged by how his kidney has improved. The function and the drainage are better. They want him to have another test in 6 months just to make sure that it is still working properly, but they are very optimistic that it's function will continue to improve! Praise the Lord!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Potty Training

Liam is doing really well learning to use the potty. There was one day in there where I thought he might not be ready. However, when I introduced juice as a reward for going on the potty, the kid has barely had an accident since Thursday. This is his "happy" face.

Asher keeps wanting to be a part of the action. Liam got up to give him a hug.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our Day

Asher had another kidney test today to see if his surgery in November fixed his kidney. We haven't found out the results yet but we will let you all know.

Asher had to wake up around 6 am for his test, he usually doesn't get up till 7, 7:30 so he was tired (although he had got to a cheerful point for the picture).

Asher at the hospital, waiting to get his IV from the nurses.

Getting his lasix renogram. He had to lay still for an hour, which is easy for a 14 month old :)

The test is almost done.

At home in the evening, after a long day of potty training, Liam puts Dino on the potty.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Morning

The Aftermath

Towards the end of opening gifts, Liam got overwhelmed and just wanted to lay down with his new blanket from Grandma Rosalie and suck his thumb. It was cute.

Playing in the tunnels

Trying to Get a Good Picture

A Good One

One Looking Good, One Not

One Looking Good, One Not

How diid Asher's head get so huge?