Saturday, October 25, 2008

Kidney Update

We had another ultrasound on the baby's kidney. It is a bit smaller than before, which is great, but it is still too big. When reading the ultrasound, they said it was hard to tell if cysts were still present. We'll have another ultrasound after the baby is born so until then, we are just waiting and praying. Thanks for praying with us!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Goodbye Owen

Our cat of four years, Owen, went missing on Tuesday night after running out of the house. He's done this before, but has always been waiting to come in first thing in the morning. He still isn't back, and after checking with the animal shelters and neighbors, we are thinking the coyotes must have gotten him.

We'll miss our friendly cat. We got him about a year after we got married and has been with us through Washington, California, and Illinois. I always appreciated him during Andy's long hours studying in seminary. Owen was so good with Liam too. We'll miss him!

In California

Owen Tolerating Liam

Owen, always around, right after Liam came home.

The day I went to get induced to have Liam.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Liam's Birthday-Round 2

We invited friends over from church that been a special part of Liam's life this past year. We're so thankful for people loving on our little boy! Here are some photos of the event.

Opening Gifts

Liam got a "back up" Dino from great grandma and grandpa Brown. That will be a life saver as original Dino is starting to need patching up.

Might this be Liam's favorite book of all time-the Cheerio play book. Liam loves Cheerios! We were able to coax him into eating just a bit of cake by putting some Cheerios on it.

A perfect sleeper for a dino loving man!
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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Liam Spielman???

We've always thought that Liam looks so much like the Spielman kids, Seth and Melanie, that we decided to take a "family" photo.
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Two Favorites

Liam's favorite babysitter, Alyssa, and his favorite stuffed animal, Dino... what could be better?
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The Ever Requested Belly Shot

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Even More at the Orchard

Just hanging with dad



On a walk with Grandma
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More at the Orchard


On the wagon ride

Animal Barn

Crazy Chicken
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Edwards Apple Orchards

We took Liam out to the orchard on Thursday and he got to play and we got to eat. So, good time had by all.



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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Party at High School Youth Group

Liam had a little birthday celebration with the high schoolers. We ate cupcakes and played tag in honor of Liam. If you look at the group picture, Liam was a bit overwhelmed by all the love:), but he cheered up later.



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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Liam!

We're so thankful to God for our dear, little boy! He has brought such joy and laughter to our lives. We love how he gives big hugs and how he is so adventurous. We pray he finds true joy in Christ at a young age and that the Lord would give us wisdom as parents. Happy Birthday Liam! We love you!




We experimented and made a dairy free, egg free cake and frosting for our little man. He wasn't too impressed. We might try again tomorrow :) However, he was a fan of his birthday dinner of beef, rice, corn. How does someone who doesn't like sugar come from this family?!
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Thanks Pops and Nawnie!

My parents were planning on being here for Liam's first birthday, but my grandma broke her hip the night they were supposed to come. Thankfully, Grandma seems to be doing okay! We wish that they were here but are glad they can help out Grandma. We're excited that Karen was able to come and celebrate his birthday with us!



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